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Luxury at your fingertips

Theva experiences

Let your senses come alive as you venture out of your haven. Enjoy the astonishing view of Kandy city while you immerse yourself in absolute luxury.

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Infinity Pool

Facing the grandeur of the Hantana mountain range lies our infinity pool that blends the pool edge with the lush greenery of Kandy. Take a dip in the infinity pool and leave your stress behind or enjoy the awe-inspiring view of the sun disappearing over the hills as you sip a refreshing mocktail while reclining on one of the sun loungers.

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Indoor & Outdoor Restaurant

Overlooking Kandy city and beyond sits “Theva Cuisine” - an indoor and- outdoor international award-winning restaurant. Whether it's under the starlit canopy or the artistic aura of Kandy, dining at Theva is an epicurean feast. The surfeit of cuisine, local and international, is truly works of art curated by award-winning chefs. Blending the right mix of flavours, we prepare meals that lets you embark on a gourmet journey.

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Having mastered the art of mixology, our award-winning mixologists concoct signature mocktails, cocktails, local arrack and many more. Enjoy a chill night with your loved ones after a long day as you sip our refreshing drinks. Boasting stunning views and architecture that reflects Kandy, Theva Bar adds the right amount of vibrancy to begin an unforgettable day.

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Our steam & sauna room lets you immerse yourself in a therapeutic experience that relaxes all your senses. Come, close your eyes and enjoy a steam bath that improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, boosts the immune system, improves skin health and clears congestion.